God loves to bless.

You are

made in His image and likeness.


His child even if you do not know it yet.

Because you are

His child,

  He wants to see you thoroughly happy,

and highly honoured.


it has to be His way, on His terms

and NOT YOUR way.

Instruction manuals usually have two basic objectives, at least two.  One, to warn about misuse; the other how to gain a benefit from proper use.  Many man made products have a written guarantee for the purchaser, with the proviso that the article must be used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s detailed instructions (manual).  And this is normal practice.

The Bible is God’s Instruction Manual.  But many who read God’s Word the Holy Bible, and even those who don’t read it, think it pretty tough that God should impose on mankind strict guidelines on how to conduct themselves, let alone impose consequences for their conduct one way or other.  Yet those same people consider it their right to impose rules on others, whenever and wherever they may choose, and to impose ‘penalties’ on transgressors.  Even games that children and adults play have man made rules, and penalties.

God is Blessed forever.  God has two choices for mankind; to receive blessing from His hand, or to remain under the curse.  Jesus Christ came to break the curse on mankind by becoming a curse for us, and dying with the full weight of that curse on Himself for us, in our place. 

It was through Jesus’ death that man’s curse was broken.  Nothing else could have broken that curse; nothing else did.  But in order for us to benefit from Jesus’ work on the cross, we must listen to and do as He says.

In the time John was given that world shattering apocalyptic vision (the ‘Book of Revelation’ of Jesus Christ – commonly known among Christians as The Revelation, or Revelation – s), not everyone could have a copy of documents or books then, as we do have today.  So if an important message was given for the people, usually someone had to read to a crowd, or congregation.

So, after John had written God’s message and it was given to the Churches, someone would read it in the meeting of believers.  Their hearing was more highly attuned to oral speaking than is usual in the West today.  As time went by, other copies were painstakingly made, and they would be sent to other cities, and so on.

Many Christians avoid reading the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, because of all the ‘bad’ – ‘negative’ things, and mysterious things in it.  Let me tell you dear Christian, if you were not meant to read this book it would never have been written or preserved.  This Book is just as  important as the gospel of Jesus Christ according to John.  The Book of Revelation is GOOD NEWS to those who will submit to the will of God in Christ Jesus. 

I believe that God in His perfect knowledge knew that many folk over the centuries would be scared about reading and studying this book because of the content, and the devil would work hard to keep them from reading it.  This may be the reason why this last Book of the Bible has spoken of special blessings in store for those who do read, hear and keep this Good News of Jesus.

God  is not in the business of  “scaring” people.  That is what Satan does.  This may be the only Book of the Holy Bible that pronounces a specific blessing to those who read it, and to also to those who hear it with intent to keep what is written therein; – see Revelation 1:3. 

Why rob yourself of God’s blessings? 

Why allow the Devil to rob you of God’s blessings by making you afraid of reading it, or listening to and obeying it?


1.  Revelation 1:3   Blessed is the one reading, and those hearing the Words of this prophecy, and keeping the things having been written; for the time is near.


The person who reads this book of Revelation with an open heart, would be blessed by God.

Those who hear the words read with a open heart will also be blessed by God.

Those who keep the  words read and heard will also be blessed by God.

People can read any one of millions of books today and be moved to tears, or joy, or rage, or sadness, action or inaction, and so on. 

One can read a book with a closed mind.  Though God may well still work on a person’s closed mind or closed heart, it is the person who reads the Revelation account with an open mind and heart who will receive the blessing.

Hearing God’s Word also requires an open mind and heart.  The Greek word for hear includes the meaning of understanding, which implies a desire to understand it. In other words hearing the message of the Book with a desire to understand its message.

The Greek word for keep – ing means to guard  from loss or injury.  It is plain that the physical book of Revelation must be preserved – but its message must be held in greater esteem than the pages themselves.  And greater than the physical book of Revelation is the message in its pages embedded in the human heart, and treasured from within.

Keeping God’s Word is not only to look after it as a Treasure – which it is, but also to let that Treasure work in our spirit, our soul, our heart and mind.  And God’s Word does work in the lives of all those who treasure it, because it is most powerful, efficient, and ABSOLUTELY amazing.

“For the Word of God is living, and powerfully working, and sharper than every two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of both soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge of the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12.

God did not simply have His words written by faithful and obedient servants to give us information so we could boast how much we know. 

God has given us His Words in order to change us from unbelief to belief; to change us from people who are ignorant of who God is and how much He cares for us and to what length He has gone to show that love to us, to people who are beginning to understand these most amazing truths.  God has given us His Word to translate us out of the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of the Son of His love – Jesus Christ.


Read, take heed, keep –  and do

the things written in His Book.


Every one of us, young or old, rich or poor will either die IN the Lord, or die WITHOUT the Lord.

The earth is filled with many lords.  These lords have been called lords by other people. Other similar titles may be Governor, Mayor, Prince, PrimeMinister, King, President, and so on.   Although these persons may have a little privilege or power over some or many others in their office as ‘lord’, they have no power or authority over their own death. 

Death is the great leveller.

In death, ‘lords’ become as other men…frail, and weak, and powerless.

“It is appointed unto men once to die (physically)...and after that the Judgment” 

(Hebrews 9:28) 

As one preacher said –

Death is the one appointment that no one can miss. 

You  can be the richest most powerful man  or woman on earth; you may be the most beautiful or handsome, the most friendly or hated, the healthiest and fitest and strongest, the most intelligent, or the weakest and most frail.  It doesn’t matter what position or status you have among men, these things will never help you to avoid this appointment that comes to all.

We have a simple choice. 

It is real easy to die without Jesus.  If we ignore Him or dismiss Him we will  die without Him.  If we think that He does not exist or that He is irrelevant and we die in that mindset we will die without Him.  It is as simple as that.

It is equally just as simple to die IN Jesus Christ. 

And that  is by listening to Him and obeying Him. 

To die without Him is to die without Truth, and without Life, and without Him who is the only Way to Father God.


A lot of Christians think that to obey Jesus is a ‘work’, therefore obeying Jesus does not saves us.  They insist that we do not get “saved” by works but by grace.  I will answer that question more fully in another post in due time – God willing.  In the meantime search the Scriptures out with an open heart.. 

But let us look what the Bible says for now.

Psalm 18:44 – “as soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me, the strangers shall submit themselves unto me.” 

This is prophetically speaking of Jesus Christ whose lineage sprang from the House of David. Another prophetic  word concerning listening to Jesus Christ the LORD is in Zechariah 6:15.  Listening to Jesus is not to be separated from obedience to Him.

Jesus told us that the one who hears and does what He says is wise; and the one who hears and does not DO what He says is a fool (Matthew 7:22-26).    To DO as He says is to obey Him.  It is that simple.  Not to DO as He says is to disobey Him. 

To obey is to believe; to disobey is to disbelieve. Moses was rebuked by the Lord in Numbers 20 for not believing in Him.  Moses heard what God said – that he had to speak to the rock and God would bring water out of the rock for the millions of people in the wilderness.  But Moses did not speak to the rock.  He spoke to the people, or more correctly he went off at them, he lost his cool – so to speak.  This was plain disobedience by Moses .  But God called it unbelief.  This single act of unbelief (disobedience) resulted in Moses not entering into the Promised Land.

Jesus Himself said that only those that DO the will of His Father in Heaven will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 7:21)

Paul tells us we are “slaves to whom we obey, whether of sin to death, or obedience to righteousness.” (Romans 6:16).

If we want God’s righteousness then obedience to that end must be enacted by us.  We will either obey sin (unrighteousness) or obey righteousness.  There is no other option.  But I would stress that this obedience God requires cannot be the work of man alone.

The obedience God requires

is one that results from the work of the Holy Spirit

upon us and in us,

and which is the outworking

of the grace and faith of God given to us.

Sin produces death. Obedience to Jesus Christ results in our gaining His righteousness.  And just for those who think that what I am saying is ‘works’ based and not ‘grace’ based…think about this:  Jesus told us that we,  MUST come to Him, and MUST follow Him. 

If we do not come to Him, and He will not force us to come, then we will not receive His life.  If we do not follow Him, then we cannot continue with Him. If we do not continue with Him then we will not remain in the Truth, nor will we be set free from all evil.

Coming to Jesus is something we MUST DO.  Following Jesus is a work that we MUST DO.  Anything we do is a work.  But in coming to Jesus we do so because it is the Father drawing us.

“No one is able to come to Me

unless the Father who sent Me draws him,

and I will raise him up in the last day.”

John 6:44

When Jesus says  Come to Me, He is not talking about a casual affair, but a remaining with Him for the purpose of Doing all that He says.

It is God who works. But we work or comply with God’s work, by the grace of God.  And it IS a work.  We exercise our will, and our mind, and bring our lives under His rulership. 

Jesus said that we, WE must believe in Him, and in His words and in His works. 

To ‘believe‘ in Jesus Christ is a work, it is something that we do

God doesn’t do that work for us.  WE must believe.  Doing is work.

Coming‘ to Jesus is a work we do by agreement or consent.

Believing in Jesus till we die is a work that we do by agreement or consent. 

Following Jesus all the days of our life is a work that we do by agreement and consent.

It may be a work of words, or a work of other physical action, but it is a work – WE DO  it.

It is senseless, illogical, silly, to say that we must not do any ‘work’ in order to be saved by Jesus, and that it is ONLY by grace that we are saved without ‘works’.   That flies in the face of many Scriptures.  It is a misunderstanding of the work of God.

So when Paul says not by works it is not God’s works he is talking about in Ephesians 2.

Righteousness (according to God’s standard) produces life. 

Unrighteousness according to God’s standard produces physical and spiritual death.

We are called by God ‘trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord.’ Isaiah 61:3.  That righteousness of God is in Jesus Christ, and He Himself is made to us righteousness.

Peter writes “Having purified your souls in the obedience of the truth through the Spirit…” 

We must obey the truth. Obedience is a work we must do.  In obeying the truth of God’s Word, we are purifying our souls…and yet it is God working it all in us.  Jesus is the Truth.  If we obey Jesus we obey the Truth.  If we obey Him, believe into Him, then we will partake of His Life, and He will show us the Way Home.  Obedience to Jesus is the work of the Holy Spirit who is also the Spirit of Truth.

Will you die IN the Lord or WITHOUT the Lord?

To die IN the Lord is to be eternally blessed.

To die WITHOUT the Lord is to be under a eternal curse.






by preparing yourself so that you may



Jesus likened His coming to that of a thief.  A thief comes secretly, in the dark, or in the daylight, unannounced, or suddenly to snatch away for himself precious things belonging to others, so he can enjoy them, or the rewards for stealing something.  

Jesus will come similarly – unnaounced – suddenly.  He is coming for those who truly belong to Him, because they have been bought by and washed in His blood.  He will not come for those who do not belong to Him for they have refused to come to Him.  He will come to snatch them away from this mortal life and take them to His Father’s eternal house in Heaven.

Blessed are those who watch.  Are you watching for His coming?  Read Acts chapter 1.  He will come in the same way as He went into Heaven – in the clouds of the sky.  Stay spiritually alert.  Do not sin.  If you do sin, confess and forsake it, get rid of it – 1 John 1:7-9

Sin’s intent is to destroy you.  Sin only produces death. 

Do not lay up treasure for yourself down here on earth.  But lay up treasure in heaven where no thief can break through and steal.

Watch in prayer. 

Rosary beads will not help; get rid of those vain things. Do you know that Mary the mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth did not pray with rosary beads? see footnote

Images and stautes will not help.  Deceased ‘saints’ will not help.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the only ones who can and will help.  Don’t lean on those other things.  Get rid of every religious gimmick invented by man – even if it appears to be religious and  you think it works.  You will not find in the New Testament that Jesus Christ or His apostles taught the use of such things, but rather condemed them.

If you consider yourself to be a good Christian then follow Jesus Christ whose name you call yourself by.  DO NOT follow a mere man, not even if he claims to be Christ’s vicar on earth..

Pray from your heart.  Be real, and pour out your soul to Him.  A wife loves for her husband to speak to her from his heart, not just his head.  And likewise a husband longs for a wife to speak from her heart to him. 

So speak to your Father in Heaven from the heart…FROM THE HEART.

…BE REAL IN YOUR PRAYERS. Pray to Him in secret, and He will reward you in the open.  WATCH – KEEP ALERT, BE ON GUARD…JESUS IS COMING – SUDDENLY.  (praying to God in secret does not exclude praying in the assembly of believers of Jesus Christ.  What it is addressing is praying to be noticed,  to impress people rather than to implore God.)

The Holy Spirit through Paul makes it plain that our warfare is not with flesh and blood, not with people, but with malignant spiritual beings, which the Bible calls, the Devil, or, evil – unclean spirits, demons.

The Devil and his ‘angels’ are  constantly feverishly working.  Though we do need sleep to refresh our bodies, we must be spiritually alert at all times.  Paul says we are to be always praying, that is to be in  constant communion with God in our spirits – but that does not mean that we are verbally praying all the time; though we should often do so.

Father  loves to hear  our honest down to earth prayers.  Do you talk to your family out of some book, some script?  Why would you talk that way with your Heavenly Father?  Be real.

Blessed are those who keep their garments.  Our ‘garments’ refer to our spiritual cleanliness before God. To “watch our garments” might be best illustrated by the careful Bride who, while wearing her bridal gown, is always on the lookout to keep it clean.

SUBMIT YOURSELF TO GOD; RESIST THE DEVIL AND HIS TEMPTATIONS; SET YOUR HEART ON PLEASING JESUS CHRIST BY DOING WHAT HE SAYS.  In this way you will honour the Son; and if you honour the Son, you will be honouring the Father.


Lest he be found naked and they see his shame.”  Jesus is not talking about phyiscal nakedness, but spiritual nakedness.  If we die without the Lord Jesus there is no other provision to be clothed in the spirit.  You won’t even have a bikini, or loin cloth.  Every one who dies without Jesus Christ, will be forever wandering around in Hell, then after that in the Lake of Fire utterly naked, and absolutely filled with unending shame. 

There are no wardrobes in Hell or in the Lake of Fire.  No clothing stores.  Not even second hand ones.  What you arrive there with is all you will ever have my friend. 

If you die without Jesus, YOU HAVE NOTHING, and you will be cast out of God’s joy-filled company with nothing.  If you refuse Him you refuse all of God’s kindness, mercy and love.






Most people look forward to being invited to a great supper, or a wedding feast.  This Marriage Supper is going to be a Wedding feast to end all wedding feasts.  That last one will be in Heaven.  It will be the biggest, the most beautiful, the purest, the most delightful and joyous, the most satisfying wedding feast ever devised.  There will be no sadness.  No discomfort.  No tiredness.  No regrets.  No bad weather.  No unpleasantness.  No suspicion and no unclean thoughts.  AND there will be no mess! 



DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS ONE MY FRIEND.  Make sure you accept Jesus’ invitation… His compelling invitation to attend Heaven’s Wedding feast.

How do you get invited to this wedding feast?  The invitation has already gone out…and it is part of the gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ.

When Jesus said “Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy ladened (with guilt and sorrow and sin, and pain, and suffering, etc.), and I will give you rest…for your souls(Matthew 11:28-30), He was inviting you in that ‘coming’ to Him, to continue with Him and let Him lead you to Heaven’s glory.   That was no idle or casual invitation He made. The Wedding feast of Heaven is included in that invitation.

The reason why it is called the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb” is simply this.  Jesus is the Lamb of God.  John recognized Jesus of Nazareth as God’s Lamb, and announced this fact twice before all the people (John 1:29, and 36).  Jesus was God’s Lamb because He was to take away the sin of the world from before God’s face.

In the old covenant under Moses, the blood of bulls and goats and lambs had to be shed for sin to be ‘covered’ daily.  That was God’s requirement.  That covering for sin was only available for the Hebrews – Jews, and those Gentiles that became Jews and lived among the Jewish people, like Ruth the Moabitess (Ruth 1-4). 

But because God loves all peoples, every Gentile nation, another provision for sin was needed.  And God in the beginning had ordered that provision to be His Son, but He did not come till the time was right.  But in the coming of Jesus Christ into this world, the time had come for a once for all sacrifice for every sin to be made, and because Jesus was God’s choice, He was God’s perfect Lamb for a perfect removal of all sin.  That is why John the baptizer could say –Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

The Wedding feast of Heaven is called the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in honour of Jesus Christ who as God’s Lamb took our sins away; away from God’s face. 

And away from our souls – IF..IF..IF we will only believe in Him that He has done it for us.

You are invited.






And it is a command, for God is King. 

Every King or Queen who invites their subjects to royal functions actually command their attendance by royal decree.  And it is considered ‘rude’  to say the least if not accepted. 

DON’T BE RUDE AND REFUSE God’s command.  You will be blessed indeed if you accept and attend.



make sure you are at the

Marriage Supper of Jesus Christ the Lamb


The Second death, is a spiritual death, an irreversible event that is truly thePITS‘.  Jesus through His angel, informs John that the Second Death is being thrown into the Lake of Fire. “And death and hell were thrown into the Lake of Fire. This is the second death.”  Revelation 20:14

There is no return from that place.  And that place is worse than Hell itself. 

Even the whole place called Hell, and Death too will be cast into the Lake of Fire. 

That Judgment is FINAL and IRREVERSIBLE.  God Himself will never reverse it.  There is no pardon from that place. 


It is a CURSED place, in which even the Devil – Lucifer, Satan, will suffer unending torment.  Into that place the angels of God will physically throw the final antichrist and his false prophet, alive.  Oh the awfulness of it.

But those who have part in the First Resurrection will never need to think about the Second Death.  The First Resurrection is identified in Revelation 20

That antichrist is also called teh Beast.  Today the word Beast is bandied around in movies, in advertizing, in games and products.  This is by design.  It is to get people so used to the word and so conditioned to thinking the word is okay, that when the Beast arrives out of the PIT, naive people will hardly bat an eye and they will think it is wonderful that he has come to give them what he promises peace to all the world. 

That Beast, that antichrist will demand of every person to receive a mark, name or number, which  will have been designed by himself.  It will go on the right hand or in their forehead.  And he will also demand that they worship him as ‘God’.  Read Daniel chapter 3 for an ancient precursor to what is about to happen.

The people who refuse to take his mark, or his name or the number of his name (666) will do so because they decide they WILL NOT worship this man who claims to be God.  (that time is almost upon us).  To deny the Beast is to embrace physical death.  It will be a cruel death.

There will be many who will refuse to take the Mark of the Beast at that time, at great cost.  They will have to leave their children, their babies, their parents, and friends, their husbands, or wives in the care of the Lord God.  Many will be forced to see their babies, or their parents killed as intimidation.  That time will be a most unimaginably terrible time.

This is why Jesus said that we must not put love for family before love for God (Luke 14:26). 

Tens of Millions will be put to death.  There will be no mercy.

However, once these dear people are slain because they refuse to deny Jesus Christ, nothing else can be done to them that will harm them.  This is why Jesus told us not to fear those who can only kill the body (Matthew 10:28).  Please understand, the only way for you to have a truly happy family is to put love for Jesus Christ ahead of all things.  If you do this, then Jesus will enable you to value your family even more than what you could have without Him.  Jesus loves your family more than you ever could do.  Trust Him.

Those who are willing to lay down their lives for Jesus Christ will be raised to life in the First resurrection and will reign with Christ for a thousand years, just as John was told (Revelation 20:5, 6).  Jesus will put this honour on His martyrs.

Today, in 2016, hundreds of people are killed each year for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  They are raped, tortured, beaten, killed; their houses are burnt or destroyed, their children or parents are stolen. Yet knowing these things will and do happen, they refuse to give awy their love for Jesus  Christ.  These people have a special reward in Heaven from Jesus.

So for those who die for Jesus in this way, He will have His powerful gaze and tender love directed towards every one of them.  He will not be far away from any one of them.   He wil even be with them as they go through the furnace of affliction. And those who die now in present persecutions becaue they love Jesus Christ, also have that same devoted attention of Jesus with them.  And all those who will lay their lives down for Jesus at that time, or today, die IN the Lord.  And the moment you breathe your last breath there will be no more pain or suffering, and immediately your spirit and soul will be with the Lord; it is only your body which they can kill.


Make sure you are

in the First resurrection


Whenever God has spoken to man, directly, or indirectly by – angel, Holy Bible, His apostles, or prophets, He has always intended man to GET HIS POINT, and that in getting ‘the point’ it is to be applied in real life, both in mind and heart and, in the physical realm – in day to day living.  God has never spoken an idle word, a useless word, a word in jest, or in exaggeration.  Every word He has spoken is pungent with power and life, intent and purpose.  Every word He has spoken is life to those that hear and obey; and death to those who ignore and disobey.  And He has spoken that we may listen and do, so that He may bless us.  How He wants to bless us.

The primary purpose of the “revelation” John was given of Jesus Christ is to get ready a people for the coming of the Lord Jesus Himself…whenever that time was for Him to come, and  to be mindful of the things that will take place.

God loves family, and the greatest family of all is His eternal family.  God’s family is made up of those who have had their souls washed from sin in the Blood of Jesus Christ the Lamb of God, and are being nourished and nurtured in the Word of God.

This is why Jesus says, that ‘he’ (singular), who keeps, guards as precious and applies that which he reads in this book of prophecy, or hears, day by day, is blessed.  Because those who do so, are doing the will of their Father in Heaven which means they can be ushered right into God’s eternal family at the end of all things, in their resurrected and glorified bodies united with their soul and spirit – complete, totally complete in Jesus.







This great and final blessing of God takes us right back to the Garden of Eden.

There God had placed the man whom He had formed from the clay of the ground in another place, and breathed into His nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul – complete with spirit, soul and body.  And having laced him in the Garden, shortly after on that sixth day, God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep and tenderly took one of his ribs out and closed up his flesh, and made the ‘perfect’ woman, whom he brought to Adam for his helper – wife.

In that Garden there was a Tree of Life.  They were allowed to eat of that Tree.  But instead they chose the forbidden thing and thus fell into sin.  Then they were sent out of the Garden lest they eat of the Tree of Life and life forever IN THEIR SIN.

God’s purpose for mankind was that they indeed live forever, but not any old way.  God no longer made a physical tree available for mankind to take its fruit and live forever.  Man could not be trusted.  This is why God sent His Son, who was called Jesus – Yehoshua the Messiah, having come through the line of David.  God trusted His Son, and gave Him sole authority to, both have life in Himself, and, to give that life to whomever He desired (John 5:21-26).   So  if we come to Jesus on His terms who has eternal life in Himself, then He will give us of Himself – even eternal life (1 John 5:11, 20).

So, in this last great blessing decreed by the Immortal and Invisible God, who is Blesssed forever, the requirement is doing, doing, doing – the commands of Jesus Christ. 

And the Reward?  The reward is to gain access of the Tree of Life once again, and to have permanent access to the eternal City of God, the New Jerusalem.


Do the Commands of Lord Jesus


God is Blessed forever.  You are His child.  Will you surrender your total life to Him, and fully trust in His Son – Jesus Christ the only God and Saviour for all mankind?  Will you choose life and blessing?  Or will you just wait and see?

Many people, waited  to see if Noah’s ‘prediction’ about some ridiculous Flood would happen or not.  Well they found out the ‘hard’ way, and are now in a place where they know the truth but the knowledge they now have cannot help them.  They waited too long. 

Today…if you will hear God’s voice…harden not your heart.

Repent!  Flee from all your sin.  Flee unto Jesus Christ.  Don’t play around any more.  Don’t gamble with the most precious thing that God has given you…your immortal soul.  Repent.  Believe without reservation in Jesus Christ; be baptized in water in His name  for the remission of sins, and call upon the name of the Lord Jesus; and you shall receive the Promised Holy Spirit of God.

Live for Jesus Christ.  Put Him first in everything.  Count yourself dead to sin and alive unto God.  Grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, for it is that very grace which God gives you for your complete salvation in Him.  Grow in His Word and feast on it every day.

Join with other likeminded followers of Jesus Christ and meet with them.  But do not lean on any man, but lean on Jesus Christ our only Savour God, our only Redeemer, our only Advocate, our only Mediator between us and God, our only Lord and Master and Rabbi, our only Prophet and High Priest, our only Hope.

No organized religion,

no ‘Church’,

no pope,

no cardinal,

no priest or pastor,

no relic or holy water, or wafer,

or religious idea outside of Jesus Christ alone will save you.

  No one can save you but JESUS.

May God direct your heart into the patient waiting for Jesus Christ our Heavenly Bridegroom.




“The origins of the rosary are “sketchy” at best. The use of “prayer beads” and the repeated recitation of prayers to aid in meditation stem from the earliest days of the Church and has roots in pre-Christian times”  so says Fr William Saunders at .http://www.ewtn.com/library/answers/rosaryhs.htm

he goes on to say

“Tradition does hold that St. Dominic (d. 1221) devised the rosary as we know it. Moved by a vision of our Blessed Mother, he preached the use of the rosary in his missionary work among the Albigensians, who had denied the mystery of Christ”.

The rosary as the modern Roman Catholics are taught to practice it is not so ancient after all. Dominic (d 1221) had a vision alright, but it could not have been of Mary the mother of Jesus for she was absent from the body having died, and then  being present with her Lord – Jesus Christ.  Hebrews 9:27 plainly tells us that it is appointed unto man (kind) once to die and after that the judgment.  Mary was just an ordinary lady whom God used in  amost remarkable way.  She died just like all the apostles of our Lord.

Mary was never and could never be and is not the Mother of God…so she could not be the Blesssed Mother of the Roman Catholic Church.  Something else is the Mother of he Roman Catholic Church.  What Dominic saw may well have been a familiar spirit posing as Mary.  Even Satan himself can appear as an angel of light – 2 Cor 11:14.

Dominic preached to the Albergensians alright. He  was not preaching what Peter preached but what the popes required him to preach, their own ‘gospel’.   Rome did not like the fact that these simple people of Albi refused to yield to the popish ideas.  They refused to bow to false gods and false christs.