Tuesday the 9th June 2015

Dear Christian… 

…be a Christian by life not just by name.

…be holy for your Father in Heaven is holy.

…separate yourself from the rubbish of the world, just like you separate yourself from the waste that you throw out to the disposal bins.

…follow Jesus Christ with all your desire, affections, motives, intents, strength and mind, soul and spirit.  Your body is the Lord’s house; it is for the Lord not for ungodly activities.

You who are called to righteousness, obedience and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, make sure that you are daily submitted to Jesus the only Saviour of the world.

Make sure that you deal ruthlessly with any sin that still clings to your flesh.  Sin separates between us and God.  It is like a thick cloud of grief that comes between the light of God’s countenance from His face and your very soul.  God will never countenance sin of any kind.  God sent His Son to the cross because of our sin.  Sin has a nature of its own and is an avowed enemy to God.  Get rid of it.

Jesus’ first message was “Repent! for the kingdom of Heaven is near.”  It is still His message for this day.  Jesus last message to His church included the necessity  to repent, to turn both in mind, heart and body from rebellion against  the ways and thoughts of God, and get back to pursuing holiness and righteousness, peace and faithfulness, even to follow heard after the Lord Jesus Christ.

Repent, and flee from all unrighteousness, and  shake off every weight that keeps you distracted from sweet fellowship with Father God and His Son.  We cannot serve two masters at the same time.  Jesus said we will hate one and love the other, or love one and hate the other.

Read God’s Word daily.  Think about it.  Speak it out.  Pray on it.  And do it.

Don’t trust in any teacher or pastor or leader that will not open themselves to honest and prayerful examination. Just as no king or president or official is (should be) above the law of the land, – all men are equal in the sight of God, so no preacher is above the Word of God – the Law of the Lord as it now stands in the new covenant enacted at the death of Jesus Christ.

Don’t trust in any vision or dream that is not subject to the light of God’s written Word the Holy Bible.  Yes we have to learn to listen to the voice of the Shepherd Jesus Christ the Righteous Redeemer of mankind.  Yes we need to be open to what the Lord Jesus may reveal to us in the spirit realm.  But, God will not contradict Himself.  The written Word of Truth will agree with the Living Word of Truth.  But if we do not measure all things by the written Word of Truth we may be in grave danger of being led astray. 

…remember the Bereans who having heard Paul preach, went away to search the Scriptures as they had them to see if the things that Paul was preaching (in the power of the Holy Spirit mind you) were already recorded in Scripture.  God honoured them by mentioning them in particular in the Book of the Acts of the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus Himself said about the Pharisees (how much more us) who searched the Scriptures, for they testify of Jesus Christ, and those Scriptures point to eternal life – John 5:39.  This is a good thing to do; a necessary thing to do.  Jesus filled His life with the Scriptures that were available to Him in His day.  We MUST do so too.  They are spirit and they are life.  It is His Word that we must daily digest.

Prepare to meet your God.  Prepare your family to meet God.  You can do this at least, at very least through the avenue of prayer…intercessory prayer.  Stand in the gap for your loved ones, your neigbours, and plead with God for them. And do not neglect praying for others and your own spiritual growth in Jesus Christ.

Lift up your heads for your Redemption draws near. 

Be a witness for Jesus, in action, and in word as the Lord leads.

Read Matthew 5-7 (not only that portion) and live in its light.

Draw near to God, submit yourself unto Him – humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, resist the Devil and he will flee from you…follow Jesus’ example of holy living and dealing with all things. (resisting the Devil is not necessarily speaking to, that is, against the Devil, but is more about calling on the name of Jesus and seeking His face and doing His will)

Grow in grace and in the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Make sure the things you treasure most are those things that are eternal and are and will be in Heaven where God dwells.