What does God mean by


Some preach it means to have a change of mind.

46 times in Bible – (KJV)

22 in Old Testament; 24 in New Testament

This is a lot of times

add to that 26 mentions of repentance

1 – O.T.

2 – N.T.

So just with the use of these two words God raises the subject of repenting 72 times.

But there are other ways God speaks about this matter by using other phrases like ‘turn us’

Some examples of this are in Psalm 80:3, 7, 19, and there are about 8 cases using this phrase.  Making 80 instances – at least – in which God calls us to repent.

A few times it speaks of God repenting, such as in Genesis 6 where we read God says that he repented that He had made man..  But this is not used in the same way as  men need to repent.  God cannot sin, neither is He tempted, nor can He be tempted to sin.  But He can do something else He woulkd otherwise have done if repentance was not forthcoming from man.

God told Jereemiah that if a nation  repents and turns from their wickedness, then God would do them good, whereas before He had said to bring them trouble.  The punishment fits the crime in the courtroom of Heaven.  But if God has said he would do good to a nation and they turned themselves to do evil, then God would change turn from the good He was going to do and He would bring them trouble instead of good.  The punishment fits the crime, and God is just in all His judgments.

Repentance means to change the mind and the behaviour.

God requires that we repent from sin, turn from sin, have a change of mind and put away our sin, and cease to do such things trusting in God’s strength and kindness to do so.  If we do not repent from our wickedness, we will perish or loose any hope of connection with God who is the God of Life, Light and Love, of Hope and Peace and Joy.

Elastic or rubber bands, will perish over time, they will cease to be useful, but they will remain a rubber band, still to be recognized for what they once were.  Such rubber bands are thrown out to the trash.  The are useless and good for nothing, but they remain a rubber band while they are in the trash until they finally disintergrate. 

This is a bit like the unrepentant sinner.  He becomes useless for any good thing and God will throw him out as a useless thing from His House, just like we do in our houses.  But having been thrown out into Hell, the unrepentant sinner having a soul and spirit, and God making sure that His body will not rot or disintergrate while in Hell and afterwards the Lake of Fire, such sinners will continue in the state of uselessness for ever, weak and shrivelled up. 

They will be forever bound up in the memory of their sins yet have no pleasure in them; grieving and gnashing their teeth, moaning and groaning that they never repented while they were on earth.  They will have no relief.  

Repent!  Repent!  Repent!

God’s love and mercy is still reaching out to you.  But you must repent.  You must come running to Him today.   You only have today.  You do not have tomorrow.  Tomorrow is in God’s hands.

If you repent and come to Jesus Christ, He will not forsake you or turn you away.  He will deliver you, as you daily cry out to Him and trust in Him and obey Him..

He is the Lamb of God who has taken away your sin.. Believe in Him, obey Him.  Honour Him with your heart, mind, soul and strength.  You will stand before God.  You must be clothed with the righteousness of Jesus Christ, not your own righteousness.  Only then will you be allowed to enter Heaven’s gates, the eternal resting place of God.

Repent!  The judgments of God are upon you.  Jesus has taken those judgments against you on Himself.  He offers His life to you.  He invites you, He commands you to come to Him that He may give you life instead of death, beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, cleansing instead of filth and stains. 

Heaven is yours but you must come to Jesus Christ.  He is the Door to Heaven and the only Door.

Hell is opening its doors for you and from that you MUST flee.  Jesus alone can save you.

Repent!  Read the Bible, listen and do the things written in it Jesus has told us to do.

Act 2:38, 39 And Peter said to them, Repent and be baptized, each of you on the name of Jesus Christ to remission of sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all those afar off, as many as the Lord our God shall call.”