Psalm 24:1 A Psalm of David….

The earth is the LORD’S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

Psalm 47:2…

For the LORD most high is to be feared; he is a great King over all the earth.

Psalm 47:7…

For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding.

Psalm 47:9…

The princes of the people are gathered together,

even the people of the God of Abraham:

for the shields of the earth belong unto God: he is greatly exalted.

Psalm 83:18…

That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH,

art the most high over all the earth.

Psalm 89:11…

The heavens are thine, the earth also is thine:

as for the world and the fulness thereof, thou hast founded them.

Proverbs 30:4…

Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended?

Who hath gathered the wind in his fists?

Who hath bound the waters in a garment?

Who hath established all the ends of the earth?

what is His name,

and what is His Son’s name, if thou canst tell?


The breath of every Australian is in God’s hands

Job 12:9, 10…

Jehovah’s hand has done this,
in whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all flesh, even of man?

Daniel 5:23…

And you have not glorified the God in whose hand your life, breath, and all your ways is.


I want to tell you something I saw concerning Australia while in prayer back in the early 1980’s, in Victoria, Australia.

I saw a large outline of Australia appear before my eyes.  Then I saw a large hand take hold of the West coast of Australia – Western Australia.  I saw another hand take hold of the East coast of the continent, New South Wales.  I saw those hands shake the map, and ripples appeared like corrugation.  I also saw a neon type light go around the coast line.

I knew intuitively that God was going to shake Australia because of increasing wickedness according to God’s standard.  The light around the coast referred to God’s blessing. 

I have come to understand since then that this blessing is connected to repentance, and much prayer, and the Word of God being declared fearlessly and  uncompromisingly.

The land of Australia is not owned by man, but by God.

“The earth is Jehovah’s, and the fullness of it; the world, and those who live in it.”  Psalm 24:1

The land of Australia is neither the property of the Crown, nor the Elite of the World, nor the Bilderbergs, nor or the Illuminati, nor the Vatican, nor the Jesuits, or Satan/Lucifer for that matter.  These are just rulers; not owners.

Every blade of grass belongs to God.  He made it to grow.  And He also can destroy it.

While God has given the earth into the hands of man to rule and govern, the man or men, or women for that matter, who rules is accountable to God, and God will hold every ruler to account for their responsibilities in governing.

The system of wickedness behind or in the governments of the world are presently under the domain of Satan’s influence.  But if men will submit themselves to God Almighty, even to Jesus Christ the King of all kings and rulers, and will rule in righteousness, then their rule will come under the blessing of God, rather than a curse.

  God’s list of sins has never changed. 

Man’s morality is always changing.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. ” Proverbs 14:34

In times past, especially times before Jesus Christ’s coming the first time as a Man born as a babe in Bethlehem, Judah, God was longsuffering to mankind, and chose not to punish man for every sin as Heaven’s justice demanded.

  But as the apostle Paul told the Athenians in Greece…

Truly, then, God overlooking the times of ignorance, now strictly commands all men everywhere to repent, because He set a day in which “He is going to judge the habitable world in righteousness,” by a Man whom He appointed; having given proof to all by raising Him from the dead. (see Psa. 9:8) –  Acts 17:30,31.

God requires rulers to repent from their wickedness.  Every man knows the sin of their own heart.  Rulers must  give account for their rulership of other men.

God requires all men – which includes all women too, everywhere to REPENT.

Turn away from your wickedness and rebellion against God in whose hands is your very breath. Turn to Him and live righteously, according to God’s standards, not your own, or some church’s standards.

Time is running out for this nation.

Australia, we have been guilty before the Lord for many national sins.  Since 1975 millions of babies have been lawfully butchered at the hands of medical staff and other persons because of the law passed legalizing what is called Abortion.  God calls it murder.

If 3,000,000 babies who had been born were killed by tyrants or by ‘rebels’ or by some other category of persons, then that atrocity would have been brought before some tribunal and judgment passed against the perpetrators.  But because it was done to babies who could not be heard by human ear, or seen by human eye …in the public arena…then it is considered to be perfectly lawful. 

Back in 1974 if that many babies had have been terminated in the mother’s womb in Australia, then there would have been a great cry against such a thing.

But overnight, the same action, murder of innocent children, becomes, the very next day lawful termination of a feotus, and of no national consequence.  Wrong!

God has heard every cry of every child in every mother’s womb.  And each cry is recorded in Heaven’s records.  Every tear of every child who has been aborted in their mother’s womb under Australian governance, has been seen and recorded by God’s holy angels. Not one is lacking.

This is only one category of gross sin against the Almighty and the children He was forming in their mother’s womb. 


The land is filled with blood.

And the blood of millions, slaughtered on Australian soil cries out to God for justice.

Many murders have been committed on Australian soil, ever since man set foot on the land.

Parliament of Australia….

Turn this disgusting and shameful law of legal murder of children in the womb, on its face and protect the innocent.  No other person is as vulnerable and as helpless as the babe in womb.  Australian Law takes more care for unborn baby animals than unborn humans in womb.

Unless we repent from this and every other national sins, Australia will come under the judgments of God.

  Who then will be able to stand?

God says that the nations are but a drop in the bucket.

Lo, nations are as a drop from a bucket, and are reckoned as dust of the scales. Lo, He takes up coasts as a little thing.” – Isaiah 40:15

The nations plural are as one drop. 

Then one nation is as a tiny fraction of one drop. 

Australia, our defense force is held in high esteem throughout the world.  In our own eyes your defence system is admirable and formiddable. 

But our real defence is broken down, because we have forsaken the Law of God.

  God says as you have done so it will be done to you. 

There are two primary Laws that operate in earth. One is the Law written in the old Testament, “

“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

Those who chose not to live under the Law of Life in Christ Jesus automatically fall under the first Law of God to mankind. 

The first Law was severe, and unyielding. 

The second Law has mercy as an underpining foundation.  Through Jesus Christ, mercy will triumph over judgment.

When a nation does not live in righteousness but pursues wickedness, legal immorality, legal murder, gradual removal of any vestige of the teachings of Jesus Christ, then they will reap the rewards of wickedness.

Australia, you are but as a fraction of a drop in a bucket before the Almighty God.

 You cannot oppose God with immunity.  Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and in due time He will exalt you. 

But the wicked He will judge…

“But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it” Proverbs 2:22.

There are many sins that God will punish a nation for if they do not repent.  I just want to list a few.

BUT FIRST I WANT TO PUT THE ONUS FAIRLY AND SQUARELY AT THE DOOR OF THE CHURCH IN AUSTRALIA.   By the Church I mean every ‘church’ that calls itself  ‘Christian’ – calls itself by the name of Christ. 

Listen Church!  Hear what the apostle Peter says by the Holy Spirit

“Because the time has come to begin the judgment from the house of God; and if firstly from us, what will be the end of the ones disobeying the gospel of God? ” 1 Peter 4:17

We as the church cannot expect the world to repent if we do not. The church is too busy trying to reverse laws of the land…this land of Australia.

And if we think that as the church that we have nothing to repent of, then we are deluded.  Severely deluded.  And such delusion was upon the people in Noah’s day, the observers, the experts, the nay sayers…who said something like this every day. 

“Everything is fine Noah.  You are a fool.  Stop preaching doom to us!  Who do you think you are ?  Do you know more than us?”


Jesus told us that the man who sees a speck in his brother’s eye and just can’t see the log in his own, is a hypocrite.  The church sees a speck in the national eye but cannot see or won’t admit to the beam, or log in its own eye.

Now hang on a minute… you protest. 

The church doesn’t do all the wicked things that this nation does.  We didn’t do it.

Oh!  Really! 

Achan was an Israelite who was part of Joshua’s army that conquered Jericho.  God gave specific instructions about what they were to do adn not do.  Achan knew these details, yet rebelled secretly and stole certain items to gain a better life for himself and his family.

The next battle Joshua led his troops in was against Ai.  But they suffered a humiliating blow.  Joshua cried out to God all day about this so did the other leaders.  But God asked him what he was doing.  And then said unless you deaal with ISRAEL’S SIN, I will not be with you anymore. 

God called one man’s sin as the sin of the whole nation.  And God has not changed how He sees things.  His eyes have not changed, or grown dim.  If one member of our bodies hurts the whole body hurts.  If the heart laughs the whole body can laugh.

Paul says to the Corinthian church ‘Do you not know that a little leaven leavens all the lump?”  Because of this principle, law, in constant operation, one man’s sin becomes the guilt of the whole church.  The sin of two also is the sin of the church. 

Paul tells us that the leaven of sin, even of one man, can infect the whole company with rot.  Get rid of the leaven!!  That man who had sinned (1 Corinthians 5) had to come to a place of repentance.  He did, but serious words were said and action taken before that repentance came about.

God is serious about sin in His body.  He hates sin and does not want one scrap of sin lingering on His people.  When Jesus comes He will come suddenly, and it is imperative that the church of Jesus Christ gets serious about sin.  Sin is a reproach to any one, let alone to a body of people.

God sent His Son Jesus Christ and struck Him deliberately, Himself, in the spiritual realm, and he allowed wicked men to flog and torture ther body of our Lord Jesus – who is the Head of the church, the ONLY HEAD of the church, so that sin may be dealt with according to God’s standard.

And unless we the church get as serious as God is about sin, then we will come under His righteous indignation.

So, it is IMPERATIVE that we the church turn away from all sin, ALL sin.  Repentance requires a total turn away from sin and a fleeing to Jesus Christ.  Do we hate sin?  If we the church consciously accomodate sin AS GOD SEES IT in any way we are making peace with the devil.  We are giving him place, which we are forbidden to do, and by giving him place we open up our doors to demonic delusion on a scale we have not known.

There is a real delusion in the church, and the doors of the church are open to demons to come and go at will.  Someone said the the devil feels quite at home in many churches.  And this is because we have made peace with sin.

God hates sin.  And He will deal more ruthlessly with accomodated sin than we realize.  We get concerned if the surgeon misses some of the cancer in our body…

“OH, I didn’t get it all. “

No worries Doc. I can live with that.”

Is that what we would say?

 NO!  Not at all.

But that is how the church treats sin in its camp.  And it wants to retain the blessing of God!!??

Church, we must repent. Even if only a few people get together, or if you have to do it yourself in your own house, then do it.  It is the shepherds of the flock who ought to blow the trumpet.  It should not have to come from the flock.  But if the shepherds are asleep, then God may well use some dumb sheep to start bleating.  And the leaders may well get their noses out of joint.

So church of Jesus Christ in Australia, get serious and repent and walk humbly with the Lord Jesus Christ.  And that begins by getting down on the knees and calling out to God for mercy on all of us and that we name sins.  We must confess specific sins before God. He who humbles himself before God shall be exalted in due time.  But God resists the proud, even if that proud one is a prominent man in the church.  God is no respecter of persons.

Only then will the church have the purity of heart and clarity of sight and humilty of mind to call the nation to repentance. 

However the nation still needs to repent, from leaders down.  And if it does not, God will judge the nation accordingly.

The Theory of Evolution has come right into the church.  This theory is a doctrine of devils.  It will open the door to greater delusion.  For the end of the theory is the godhood of man, which is the coming together of the seed of man the the iron in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of Daniel 2. 

The iron is called ‘they’ by Daniel.   “And as you saw the iron mixed with the clay of the clay, they shall be mixed with the seed of men. But they shall not adhere to one another, even as iron does not mix with clay. “ Daniel 2:43.

And leaders in the church are ignorantly or deliberately embracing the foundation of this end result.  We must repent of this too.

The theory of evolution has opened the door for many kinds of evil to be accepted in society.  It has opened the door to ‘abortion’, to a break down of the family structure, of the legalizing of homosexuality, of beastiality.  IN our day there have been and still are some countries who have legalized beastiality.  And before the courts of America are legislation to marry animals pets.

This will open the door for acceptance to the reality of man to mix – mingle with demons.

We must repent church.  We must repent.  We must repent.  We must repent.  We must repentThe judgments of God are upon us.