Paul writes in his letter to the Thessalonians Do not let anyone deceive you in any way, because that Day will not come unless first comes the falling away, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, the one opposing and exalting himself over everything being called God, or object of worship, so as for him “to sit in the temple of God” as God, setting forth himself, that he is God. (2 Thessalonians 2:3,4) see also Dan. 11:36; Eze. 28:2 to assist in the indentification of this ‘son of perdition’.

Some years ago I was given the opportunity to go sky diving.  It had been a dream of mine for a number of years prior to the event.  I never ever thought it would actually happen because I did not have the money to spend on that kind of thing.  But the family somehow put their pennies together and presented me with a paid up certificate to fulifll my desire – on my 50th birthday!

The day was a balmy day with a slight breeze blowing, as the airport’s wind sock showed.  So after being carefully instructed, and having seen how the instructors carefully fold up the parachutes, we boarded the plane and up we went into the heights of heaven.  It took about 20 mins for the little plane to get to 11,500 ft, …around and around in circles, noisily struggling for every yard.

There were four of us crunched into that tiny cabin.  One seat for the pilot, and three adults squatting on the floor; a camera man who would jump with us, my tandem instructor, and excited me – jumping out of a plane at 11,500 plus ft. 

Well finally came the moment and the cabin door was flung opened.  I was engulfed in a rush of cold air that seemed to suck the wind out of me.  That in itself was an amazing moment.  And I had thought the noise of the plane inside the cabin was loud…

The camera man climbed out first hanging onto the little plane’s vertical side rail with the wind keeping him horizontal.  I had never seen that before.  My instructor clipped me onto harness…oh, I think that happened before the door was opened.  From that moment till we were stationary on the ground I was connected to this stranger by one small circular ring…no doubt made of something stronger than plain stainless steel. One ring not much bigger than a walnut.

Then I was yelled at – it was the only way you could hear what was being said, and my instructor told me step by step what to do: hang on to outside the plane ( I was hanging on to something INSIDE the plane); where to place my feet – a tiny platform just wide enough for a man to stand on; when to let go and place my hands across my chest – just like they do for the bodies of the dead in the coffins; and when to take my feet off that platform. 

That was the moment of ‘truth’.

At that moment I was dangling in mid heaven with the blue sky around me, clouds rushing by and the airport far below – out of sight.  I was lost in the greatness of the great outdoors…  That was some moment.  Then I could hear 3…2…1…and we were away.   We fell away from that plane at a clip.

For the first few seconds we were free falling at 300 kph.  I was not really aware of the initial fall, simply because I had no fixed obvject up there to measure our falling. My skin and flesh was just like paper in the wind (I found that out later when watching the video.  When the first chute opened, we  abruptly slowed to about 200 kph.  Stiil fast.  At that moment I literally felt as if I was being yanked back up into the sky.  It was amazing.  When I saw the vid replay it explained that sensation for me.  Amazing stuff.  Amazing.

It took about 4.35 mins or so to hit the ground.  The billowing chute was  dragging two men along the ground, as my instructor feverishly worked at pulling in that great chute, while we  tumbled along on the ground.  Finally we came to a stop.

If they had have been giving free second jumps I would have taken it.  But that was NEVER going to happen.   Once we were disentangled and standing upright…some hundreds of yards from the planned drop zone, the camera man asked me straight away what I thought of it all.  I was stuck for words and just blabbered some excited nonsense.

We had actually been blown off course, and I was unaware of it.  I was just caught up (pardon the pun) with the moment.  I was having fun, nervous fun.  In fact as we fell from the plane, it seemed as if all I could see was sky…endless sky, for a minute or so.  The camera man had been trying to get me to look into the camera but I was struck with the immensity of the sky before me, and the curvature of the earth.

But the Lord my God, the Father of all the spirits of men, taught me something in that amazing experience.  Many things in fact.

One was trust.  Trust my whole life to Him.

But the thing I want to draw to your attention is this plain fact. 

I could not have fallen away from that plane if I had NOT BEEN in it.  Or least attached  to it, but that would have been possible.  My family were all on the ground standing in the sunshine and cranning their necks to see if they could get the first glimpse of their man in our house – a husband, a father, leave the plane. 

But they had not fallen from the plane because they were not in it.  At that time, three men fell from that plane.  One remained in it – the pilot, good thing too.  Three fell away, one remained inside.

You can only fall from something that you are either attached to, or in.  If you are not IN favour, you cannot fall OUT of favour.  If you are not IN a building you cannot fall FROM a building.  If you are not ON a cliff or mountain, you cannot fall FROM that cliff or mountain.  You can only fall FROM something you are IN.  That is the simple undeniable fact.

I stepped away from that plane.  It was my choice.  I fell away from the power and energy of that plane.  I fell away from the course the pilot was taking that tiny plane.  I turned aside from all that that plane offered me as it responded to the controlling influence of its pilot.

One of the Twelve apostles of Jesus, Peter, says, “Then beloved, you knowing beforehand, WATCH lest being led away by the error of the lawless you FALL from your own steadfastness. ” 2 Peter. 3:17.

Here the Greek word for ‘fall from’ is ekpipto and means to be driven off course; to loose, to drop away, to fall away. 

Peter says WATCH! 

If you watch!…you will  be in a position to avoid being led away by the error of the lawless.  And this lawless word is not simply referring to evil men of the wordl who do not bat an eyelid when they do evil things. 

No there is a greater danger than that for the believer in Jesus Christ. 

Those who pretend to be something they are not and who try and con others by their sweet talk, – that is the greater danger.  And this has been happening among God’s people everyday.  It was happening in Peter’s day.  And it is happening today.

Peter himself had been told by Jesus on the night of His betrayal and arrest:

WATCH AND PRAY, that you do not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is eager, but the flesh is weak – Matthew 26:41. 

and again it is recorded in

Mark 14:38 – Watch and pray, that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit truly is willing, but the flesh is weak. (LITV)

 Jesus says at another time… Watch! Be wakeful, and pray. For you do not know when the time is – Mark 13:33.

In Hebrews 6 we read “For it is impossible for those once having been enlightened, and having tasted of the heavenly gift, and becoming sharers of the Holy Spirit,  and tasting the good Word of God, and the works of power of a coming age, and having fallen away, it is impossible for them again to renew to repentance, crucifying again for themselves the Son of God, and putting Him to open shame. (For the earth drinking in the rain often coming upon it, and producing vegetation suitable for those for whom it is also worked, receives blessing from God;  “but bearing thorns and thistles,” it is deemed unfit and near a curse, of which the end is for burning.) – Hebrews 6:4-8 (see also Gen. 3:17, 18)

A lot of debate in the Church has been over this passage.  Some say that “Once saved always saved”, and if you are saved… born again, with your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and you are in the Father’s safe hands then you cannot…CANNOT be lost.  You CANNOT fall away.  Nothing can seperate you from the love of God.”  And many Scriptures are used to ‘prove’ this position.  And of course, on the surface this appears to be the case.

Then there are others who dispute that position…with Scriptures that prove their opposition to it.  Both sides can sound convincing.  But normally, two opposing views can’t both be right.  They may each be right to some degree, but they can’t be right comp[letely yet be compatible.

Earlier in Hebrews 4:11 we read “Therefore, let us exert ourselves to enter into that rest, that not anyone fall in the same example of disobedience.”   What is the Holy Spirit saying here?  Here the word is pipto, and is related to the ealier ekpipto.  Ek is related to our Exit.

In understanding the Bible we must ignore the chapter and verse divisions as we read it.  The chapter and verse divisions are only as a convenience to locate quickly particular matters, or sayings.

Earlier throughout chapters 3 and 4 the Holy Spirit has been addressing unbelief and disobedience as an interlocking system that produces a particular end result.  NO entrance into God’s eternal restUnbelief and disobedience are inseparably connected, as is belief and obedience.  And that is another study.

The Holy Spirit tells of the unbelief (disobedience) of many of the Israelites, who came out of Egypt by Moses’ hand (by God’s divine appointment and intervention), who consistently murmured and complained, rebelled and rejected the goodness of God.  That generation of adults perished in the Wilderness and did not, would not, could not, enter into the Promises of God given centuries earlier to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In 1 Corinthians 10:12 we read “So that he that thinks to stand, let him be careful that he not fall.”   Again the word is pipto and means to fall or alight.  If we alight from a bus or vehicle we leave one environment for another.  This is in the horizontal plane the same as ‘falling away’ in the vertical plane. The use of the phrase ‘be careful’ is no loose term.  This warning speaks of present danger nearby.

Those Israelites that perished in the Wilderness were proud in their own minds and did not take care of God’s Word.  They were not careful about God’s instructions.  Though they believed originally and worshipped God back in Egypt when Moses told them what their God was about to do, with great signs and wonders, they did not continue in that belief and so hardened their hearts the moment difficulty came their way.  And God allowed the difficulty, many difficulties, to test their heart condition so that they could see for themselves the truth of their original believing – or faith in God.  Would they endure in trials and in facing temptations?  But these things happened and were written for our admonition and learning.

Car manufacturers  spend hundreds of millions of dollars on testing their prototypes.  They want every fault to be exposed, and rectified before it can be presented to the market.  This is a principle.  And it works.

God has always been in the business ot testing our hearts, and as long as we are alive He will continue to do so.  It is for our good that He does it.  And  let us understand that God does take great care when testing us.  He will not test us above what we are able to bear.  He will not allow us to be tempted of the Devil beyond what we are able to handle in trusting in God with the trust – faith that He has already given to us.

God will not allow any defect to enter into His Heaven.  His House…His eternal dwelling place is absolutely spotless and perfect, and He will keep it that way.  There is not the slightest speck of dust, or rust, or corrupting element in His House.  There is no spiritual mixture of good and evil.  There are no half truths.  No ambiguities.  No pretending.  No joking words, or trite words.  Remember that Tree in the Garden of Eden? It was both Good and Evil.  there was a Tree neaby that was all Good and that was the Tree of Life.  the other was a tree of Knowledge.   What is it your are after, or really want – Knowledge or Life?

God will not permit entrance into His House to anyone who wants to hang onto their pet sins.

God is very generous.  God always gives us more than we could ever give or do.  God says in effect – If you want your sin instead of Me, then you may keep your sin.  But you will reap the very thing that you are sowing.   And make no mistake about it, there is always a multiplying factor in God’s rewarding system.

Sin has a reward that is unchangeable.  That reward is everlasting guilt and shame and terror, darkness and imprisonment, anguish and pain…with a constant never ending torments reminding us that we should have chosen the good and pure thing, but instead chose what He had forbidden.  And that list of forbidden moral activity has not changed.

God has given every man and woman a conscience.  That conscience is the lamp of God in a man’s soul.  Destroy that conscience and you snuff out the light of God in your soul.  Only a miracle from God’s hand will be able to redeem that situation.

Too many people refuse God’s loving kindness because they can’t figure out how God could send anyone to Hell.  And because He does send ‘decent’ people to Hell, they dont want a bar of Him.  The truth is that we chose hell ourselves, by clinging to our sins, our many sins,  and refusing to bow to His rule, His wisdom and justice, and because we continue in our rebellion, God will send us to that place we have chosen; it is our reward.  One without God’s abounding kindness.

Such people must attend to their own soul.  They must consider their latter end.   They must seek God for their own salvation.  It is only after the Light of God’s Son Jesus Christ begins to blaze in the heart of a sinner to change them to saints and sons of God by adoption, that they will ever be able to understand the ways and thoughts of God.  But too many people think they know better than God.  They think they are more just than God.  More humane, more kind, more knowledgeable than God.  More patient than God.  More loving than God.  More faithful than God.  More generous than God.  Such people are a ‘god’ unto themselves.  They live for themselves and worship their own greatness.

How foolish.   Their minds are puffed up with knowledge.  They can’t even avoid death. And that is one appointment we will all keep.

The truth is that we all have gone our own ways with such haughtiness and arrogance, esteeming our own opinion as greater and more excellent than the God who made us.

So the great danger for all even for those who have walked with Jesus Christ in  honest faith is one of falling away from Jesus Christ, leaving Him for other things.

Paul writes in his letter to the Thessalonians – Do not let anyone deceive you in any way, because that Day will not come unless first comes the falling away, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, the one opposing and exalting himself over everything being called God, or object of worship, so as for him “to sit in the temple of God” as God, setting forth himself, that he is God. (2 Thessalonians 2: 3, 4)

That great Apostasy has already begun. 

Many are falling away from Jesus Christ.  Maybe not so much in word – verbally, but in deed, in motive and intent, in imagination, and affection.

There are many who have been walking with Jesus Christ by faith just as the Scriptures say.  But they fall away from Him first in the heart.  They are enticed by their own lusts.  ot just unlawful sexual activities.  It may be food, or it may be entertainment, even enetertainment in the Church, and a whole host of other lusts.  And it is the devil who orders this enticement, and his messengers go and entice the prey.  James says were are drawn away (from Jesus and His Word) by our own lusts.

A man who commits adultery against his wife (or a oman againts her hsuband) does so first in his heart, by becoming hard hearted against his wife, by allowing disappointments, and frustrations and unforgiveness to fester, among other things.  This then doesn’t feel right to the wife, but she plods on faithfully.  

Sin is sin and it can ensnare anyone. It cares not what gender they are or how little or much they know.  Sin has a nature of its own, and it works to destroy integrity and hope and peace, and anything else good and pure.

Adultery is a falling away from a previous position of covenant.  It is a falling out of a faithful relationship.  Some people already have adultery working in their heart as they are getting married, or have the seeds of it brooding away in their souls.  Sin is in the soul.  And unless it is killed, it will work at an opportune time.

There is physical adultery, adultery of the heart, and a spiritual adultery.  Spiritual adultery is a falling out of love – devotion, attention, intimacy, relationship which one has had with and for Jesus Christ the Son of God.  Jesus said that out of the (our) heart proceeds many evil things including adultery…and this is exactly the case concerning spiritual adultery or unfaithfulness.

Just as we can ‘fall in love’ – so we can ‘fall out of love’.  Eve looked at the forbidden fruit.  The more she  looked at it the more she like it.  The more she like it the more she wanted it.  the more she wanted it that more she saw that it was good, not good and evil, but now good.  She became convinced of the lie sold to her.  This is why we are told not to look upon evil. 

Depart from evilPsalm 34:14; 37:27;

I will set no wicked thing before my eyes – Psalm 101:3

Did Eve know what evil was before eating of the fruit?  Not experientially.  But God’s words should have been enough for her to trust Him and not lean on her own understanding, whihc is exactly what Satan was hoping she would do – lean on her own judgment rathe than trust in God.  Eve should have departed from the fruit rather than to look upon it.  To recognize it for what is was is sufficient, then to avoid it is the next step.  Not avoid it because you are afraid of it, but because you fear God you flee from the evil thing.  That is wisdom.

The fear of the Lord is to depart from evil – Job 28:28; the fear of the Lord is to hate evil Proverbs 8:13 ; the fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death – Proverbs 14:27.

What did God promise Adam if he ate from the fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil ?  Death!  To lust after it was a snare unto death.  It would have been most neglectful and cruel of God not to warn His children of the dangers.

But then there are more  subtle dangers.  If we as believers in Jesus Christ start enjoying even valid spiritual experiences more than simple love for Jesus Christ, if we value the religious experience above our faith in Jesus for who He is, then the danger is that we have begun to fall in love with such experiences and our love for Jesus will be less than pure.  This is a hardening of heart against Jesus Himself.  We can even become infatuated with signs and wonders, and miracles.  We can become infatuated with feelings of our soul when we are in prayer and when we are in a meeting praising God and worshipping Him with others as we might do.   These things can have their place, but these things are not to take First place in our heart.

If we value our preacher, pastor, or another brother or sister in Jesus above the Lord Jesus Himself, then we have begun  to walk on the road of apostasy….we have begun to fall away.  These are the beginnings of apostasy from Jesus Christ.   Paul said that he and the other apostles are only vessels  whihc  the Master is using.  So don’t make a big  thing of us.

We can become infatuated with how skillful we may preach, or sing, or play instruments, or study the Bible even.  These are the seeds of apostasy. 

When a man’s attention is drawn to some other woman other than his wife, that is, when he is attracted to another woman other than his wife, that is the beginning of adultery.   He begins to long for her company and her smile, her voice, her physical appearance. That man must get his eyes and heart back off that lady and back on his wife.  He must repent and quickly.  When we behave in such a way, we are  actually taking our eyes of Jesus, or have already done so.  Taking our eyes of Jesus also includes forgetting what He has said about this or that.

Such a man, or woman, must recognize that while God has made all beautiful each in their own way, this is not licence to go after another when you already have a treasure from God, a good and wonderful treasure.   God says through Solomon, possibly before he went into spiritual apostasy, Whoever finds a wife gets good, and obtains favour from God – Proverbs 18:32.

The King James says a ‘good thing”.  Thing is in italics which means it was  added to make sense.  A woman is not a thing. Never has been.  A woman is a treasure, and if a man finds that woman – his wife for life, he has found his treasure, and he must commit himself to that treasure as long as they both shall live.  The ‘wife’ is a “good treasure”.

God has a wife for every man, and a husband for every woman – who wishes to marry, and is lawfully (acording to God’s Law) free to marry.

But even more important and more necessary than finding “a” (and that is 1, ONE) wife or husband, is that we must find peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son.  We MUST find Jesus.  For it is only through Him that we can enter into Heaven after this life.  And everyone will  either be – permitted to enter Heaven, or will be sent to Hell – and after the Lake of Fire.  There are only two options.  And they are mutually exclusive.  There is no third option.  There is no purgatory.

But having begun to walk with Jesus by faith, we MUST continue to do so.  If we do not continue to so  so, but fall away from Jesus, we will not – unless we repent and turn back to Jesus before we die, we will not be able to enter into the Kingdom of God,  Heaven.

Once I had left that plane, there was no turning back.  The pilot was heading back to the airport to take someone else skydiving.  My one way ticket was purchased, and once I had committed myself to falling away from the plane (‘skydiving’ is a fancy name for it), that was the end of it for me as far as the plane was concerned.

There is a point of no return.

And with Jesus Christ, there is a point of NO RETURN; then you will NOT be able to get back to Him.

Many call themselves ‘Christian’.  In the New Testament the word  ‘Christian’ appears only three times in the best translations. 

Many ‘Christian’ denominations are labelled or label themselves as Christian.  What does the word Christian mean?  It means one who follows Christ – Jesus; a Christ follower.

Many thousands of people followed Jesus as He went here and there throughout Israel and its border lands after He began to proclaim the Kingdom of God and repentance.   Some followed Him from a distance, some followed Him closely, but few followed Him very closely all the time.

But these people were called disciples back then, because they had begun to believe in Jesus and were baptized unto Him.  They were Jesus’ students – disciples. The twelve apostles were in the first place called disciples, and till the day they died they were disciples at the  same time they were  apostles of Christ.  If they ceased to follow Jesus (and Judas ceased to follow Jesus), from that day on they would cease to be apostles of Christ.

This is a good test to apply to those who call themselves apostles of Jesus Christ, or pastors, or Bible teachers, or even bishops and popes.  They must be disciples of Jesus Christ to qualify for that position of authority to guide the flock of God, and must be so until the day they die.  And they must be so in action and in truth not just in words.  Words can be very cheap.  John says love not in word only, but also in deed and in truth.

Many church leaders, can be real smooth in their words, and so can the people who get  taught by them.  But that is not the final test.   God knows whether a man is speaking truth or is only speaking words that  are true but living a lie underneath it all.  God calls this last group of people hypocrites – actors.  They are like the movie stars who swoon the masses who watch their antics via the big screen.  But they are for the most part acting – hypocrites – a person who pretends to be what he is not.  And that is essentially the case with movie actors.  They may be very serious in their performance, and very sincere, and very good, but they are pretending.

There are many pretenders dressed up with religious robes and trinkets,  doing their stuff, perhaps even with a golden rod, or a Bible in their hands, or a microphone in their hand or pinned to their lapel.  God knows them all.  And deep in their conscience they also know if they are pretenders or real, before God.    Hebrews 4:13  tells us that all things are naked and oppen to Him with whom we have to do.  God sees it all.

Let us be real.  Let us hate hypocrisy and cry out to God to keep us from it or deliver us out of it.  God hates hypocrisy.    And we should  too as His children.

And of course there are many hypocrites in the pews.  Don’t be one.  If you are REPENT! Now!  Tomorrow may be too late.  Tonight your soul may be required of you … Luke 12:20

The children of Israel were baptized – discipled unto Moses in the Red Sea (Ex 14)  These people (mostly Jews) knew that to be baptized was to say goodbye to a previous lifestyle and way of behaving and believing.  That is what happened to Israel as they left Egypt by crossing the Red Sea.

But there is a lesson to be learnt from them.  Many lessons in fact.  Referring back to a Scripture in 1 Cor 10:1-14 we read that God was not pleased with most of them.  They did not mix the hearing of God’s Word with faith – continuous believing and acting that faith out in day to day living.  They did not get to the promised land.  The promised land in its final greatness is a picture of Heaven.  Then Paul tells us to be warned and heed the warning.

If they did not enter into their rest, God’s rest for them – a physical rest, and all they had was the Law of Moses, then how  can we, who have the knowledge of Jesus Christ who is far greater than Moses – and we have Jesus’ sacrifice for sins – te once for all sacrifice for sins – which is far greater than the those animal sacrifices, enter into a better spiritual rest in Heaven?  Let us take careful heed to ‘consider our latter end’ (Deuteronomy 32:29).

Those Israelites who perished in the wilderness  were saved.  They were saved from the Destroyer back in Egypt on the night of the Passover.  Three or four days later they were saved from the power of Pharaoh.  They were saved alright.  But because they did not continue in the faith once delivered to them by Moses, they did not enter into their rest – the Promise of God. 

While many in the protestant churches say concerning those who fall away, that they were never saved in the first place, the fact is that you cannot fall from something you were not in. 

Judas had an actual share in the ministry of Jesus Christ.  He was an actual apostle, a disciple  of Jesus Christ, and  he had tasted of spiritual blessings and the powers of the age to come (Heb 6).  Judas was a close friend of Jesus (Psalm 55:13) and walked with Him in intimacy and fellowship.  He had the same opportunities as the others.  He was given a great responsibility  to look after the  money and its dissemination to the poor and needy people; to preach the gospel of repentance and the Kingdom of God throughout the land of Israel with the very same authority the other eleven had, and with signs and wonders backing up that authority.  Judas was in very close fellowship with Jesus.  He was a true disciple.  But there was one (at least one, if only one) area in his life that he had not left behind; a love for money.  And it was that love of money that became the door way for him to fall away – apostasize from Jesus. 

Esau was another man who had a secret love other than God.  His love was for food, or his belly.  He traded his birthright for one lousy meal.  He thought more of his belly than he did of his birthright.  Sure he was famished and may well have been exhausted after a day of hunting and running after deer etc.  But Esau allowed that temporal concern to dominate his spiritual vision.  He despised his birthright.  He snotted at it.  That was a big mistake, which led to an even greater mistake some time later – Genesis 27.  And even though he sought with repentance and tears he never attained to that which he had lost.  He fell away.

Let us not follow these two men. 

But our secret love may be some other thing, yet is just as equally dangerous.  Kill it!  We are talking not about killing people here but hidden lusts which will destroy your soul if they are not surrendered to Jesus  Christ.  But we do not kill* these things by physical force or brutality but by earnest prayers and supplications to God – *Romans 8:13.  Jesus is well able to save in every and all situations, and from all things.

You can only fall away from something you were in.  You can only lose something you once had.

The apostasy from the faith of Jesus Christ that is taking place today has never been equalled yet we have not seen the end of it, nor do we truly perceive the magnitude of its present trend.

The greatest deception is happening in the confines of the church meeting, or in the guise of Christian events.  Jesus warned us that many – that is MANY false Christs (anointed ones) will rise up, even saying that they are Christ Himself, and false prophets and false apostles. 

These will bring a mixture of Good first then Evil – a little bit at a time; for God revealed that the fobidden tree was first good, then evil.

Read your Bible prayerfully.  Spend time in God’s presence by faith.  Let God speak to you through His Word.  Wait in Him.  Seek His face all through the day wherever you are.  The more you meditate – think about purposefully, and with diligence on His Word, the better prepared you will be in overcoming the great apostasy.

Read your Bible, and please get a good one.  If you can, avoid the ones that rely on the NU Greek text, and that is most of the modern translations and versions.   Get one that relies on the Received Text (Textus Receptus) for the New Testament.

The tragedy is that the falling away is also  affecting modern translation of the Bible.  APostasay from Jesus has everything thing to do with His Words.  And if we think that the devil has not been allowed to tamper with modern Bible production we truly are deceived.  He altered God’s Word at the beginning and he is succeeding today on that score too.  If you can read the history of Westcott and Hort of the late 1800’s and their involvement in the alteration of the English Bible.

Many bible translations and versions that is their authors have little by little watered down the text, just a bit here and there, yet putting enough GOOD in the text to allay any suspicions.  Clever little ruse.  And it has worked.  Perhaps they have been ingorant.  But regardless it has happened all the same.

And finally to finish.  I hope to have a satudy available on the Book of Life in Scripture, there are about 4 or 5 mentions of this ‘Book’ in Scripture.  But I will use one only at this stageExodus 32:33 says And Jehovah said to Moses, Whoever has sinned against Me, I will blot him from My book”.

Just as you cannot fall away form somnethhing you were not attached to or in, neither can you have your name taken out of a book that was not there  in the first place.  When God said this to Mosses He was not speaking in riddles.  Neither was He joking.  Nor was He saying meaningless words that had not reality.

This and the other passages about God Book of Life makes it very plain that someone’s name can be taken out of the Book of Life.  They are God’s Books and he can do what He wants with what is His regardless of what men trained in theology may have to say contrariwise.  Your name goes in at some stage, and your name can be taken out of if sin is nor repented of.  Repentance and confession of sin is God’s provision for us to deal with sin so that it may not be accredited to us on the last day.  Let us forsake our sins and lean on Jesus and take His righteousness for our own which He freely offers.


Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling….Jude