…to mislead by

deliberate misrepresentation

or lies;

…to delude oneself.

The Latin root word means to ensnare, to cheat.






in their wisdom



which they don’t necessarily tell you…




Such a claim is plain stupid.

The same people will put fuel in their vehicles; sit in an airplane travelling at hundreds of miles an hour, thousands of feet above land and water, in different kinds of weather; will tender ‘legal currency’ in order to purchase things they want and hope to use; will hoard all kinds of ‘valuables’.

Such kinds of activities plus hundreds of other daily and mundane tasks require a certain conscious ‘trust’, an expectation that there are fixed standards – absolutes of one kind or another, built into the activities or events or products that they seek out.

YesAbsolutes do exist! 

Only a fool will deny it, and it is a BIGGER fool who teaches others that there are no absolutes.  As stated above, everytime they insist there are no absolutes, by claiming that to be the truth, they contradict themselves by their own statement, and, by their own actions.  To do so is to deny their own intelligence…and conscience.  They have deluded themselves.


…enter… Lucifer, the Devil (evil with a D), Satan, The Serpent, The Dragon, The Deceiver, (the list goes on).

The Bible tells us that ‘Lucifer’ (see Isaiah 14:12**), a cherub (see Ezekiel 28:12-19**)- a class of angelic beings created by God, lifted up his heart with pride because of the beauty and perfection and power and light which God had given to him. 

Isaiah 14:12,  In this remarkable passage we read this Lucifer spirit being, determined in his heart he was going to elevate himself in five different ways, and be as God. 

The pentagram, a five pointed star within a circle or void of a circle, is a most revered occultic Satanic, Luciferian symbol.  It has five points which correspond exactly with Isaiah 14 13, 14.  “I will…I will…I will…I will…I will…“.   – In God’s physical universe, there are no one dimensional stars with points on them; it is an occult symbol.

In this way Lucifer deceived himself and worked ‘wonderfully’ with his unique God given abilities to gather to himself one third of all God’s angels and lead a revolt against the Most High God – YeHoVaH or Yahweh (Jehovah in English).  But God who knows all things, and with His great unlimited power, might, and supremacy in ever respect, allowing it thus far in His perfect wisdom, put a swift end to that rebellion, and Lucifer was cast out of God’s presence with those who followed him, to a lower place rather than that which he thought to increase to himself or had enjoyed previously. 

God says that every one who exalts himself shall be abased – humiliated.  This is an absolute.  Lucifer – ‘light bearer’, created by God, lifted up his heart in pride against God, and thus determined his own punishment…eternal humiliation. 

It is wise to be content with the things God has given us nd not clamour for more.  if we need more, or think we need more that we have, it is not wrong to expressw that desire to God our Father in humility.

However, that did not change Lucifer’s mind, – who had now become the Satan – adversary .  He still sought and does seek to elevate himself above all that is called God and is God.  He devised a plan to succeed.  The only way he could succeed to gain what he wanted (which was to get all mankind’s worship and praise and allegiance, and thus become their ‘God”) was to work his ‘new found’ ideals – magic, sorcery upon God’s highest creature and most prized creature  Man…



You can go to any decent size dictionary (many people trust dictionaries before they will ever trust God’s Word – the Holy Bible) and find the word deceive.  Man put the word ‘deceive’ in his dictionary because his reason and intelligence told him that there is such a thing.  And he knows of such a thing because it is part of his experience – history.

So man was created in the image and likeness of God.  You may think you came from a monkey, or an omeba, or a primeval stew, or a big bang, but it makes no difference what you wish to ‘believe’ in that regard; the fact of the matter is that you were made in the image and likeness of God, by God.  And you will never be able to change that truth.  It is wiser to submit to it.

And so the once restful and holy ‘Lucifer’, but now, forever restless and unholy Satan worked his magic on mankind.  It was not by accident, but by his design that he wanted to ‘chat’ with Eve.    Now Satan – a masculine creature was filled with unbridled lust, envy and jealousy, and wanted to get as  cosy with Eve as he dared.  After all, she was the perfection of feminine beauty, just as Adam was of masculine perfection.   Make no mistake about it, there is nothing pure or good in Satan’s – Lucifer’s mind, his words or actions.  Nothing

No doubt Satan reasoned that if he could win the woman over, the man would be a ‘piece of cake’; he would then ‘sit back’ and watch his first black magic – spell, on mankind unfold.  And, presto, they both would come under his authority; he would become their ‘god’, or so he thought. 

So the woman in her naivity listened and reasoned with this ‘artful’ creature (never listen to or reason with the Devil; rather submit yourself entirely to Jesus Christ. resist –stand against, withstand – the devil and he will flee – vanish from you).  Eve with all of her beauty and innocency fell into his snare; she was deceived.  And Eve “gave also to her husband with her, and he ate.”  Immediately both of them had their eyes opened to what they had just done.  Shame and guilt and an aweful sense of Judgement filled their souls.

Since that very day, women and men have been deceived and have deceived each other.


When the disciples of Jesus Christ asked Him about when certain events would unfold concerning Israel, and Jerusalem in particular, Jesus began to answer them with these words – “Take heed, that no man deceive you”  Matthew 24:4)  Mankind’s first failure concerning His Creator was that they were deceived.  They were deliberately lied to and the Deceiver deliberately misrepresented what God had instructed Adam about.  Jesus did not want His disciples to fall into that same trap.  This instruction of the Lord Jesus makes it plain that it is the responsibility of every person with a sound mind and conscious intelligence about things, to makes sure that they are not FOOLED either by deliberate lies concerning, or deliberate misrepresentation of, spiritual truth.

He told us to remember Lot’s wife (see Genesis 19); – pretended repentance is a death trap.  To leave sin in an attempt to follow God, while secretly looking back on it, is just as damning as not leaving it at all.  And in this Matthew 24:4 phrase Jesus is bringing our attention back to the Garden of Eden where Eve our first mother was deceived.

Take heed, let no man deceive you.



Isaiah 14:12…Some translations of the Holy Bible translate the Hebrew ‘heylel’ as Lucifer; surprisingly even the Douay Rheims American Version of 1989 has it; also the Orthodox Jewish Bible, and a few others (Bible Gateway.com); the LITV also has Lucifer.  Others will use the phrase ‘morning star, son of the dawn’ (like NIV; RSVCE)  or a variation of that.  We must recognize that God named each of His special acts of creation Himself.  All angels in their original state had names given to them from God.  The 2 main examples of angelic names in the Holy Scriptures are Michael and Gabriel.  The suffix ‘el’ means ‘God’; Michael in Hebrew means “who is like God?”  Gabriel means “God is mighty.”  So we see some expression of God Himself in these names.

Lucifer is said to be derived from the Latin via Jerome.  But does this disqualify its use?  It’s literal meaning is light bearer.  The Roman astronomers long before Jerome’s time, used the word Lucifer to describe the morning star (see BlowtheTrumpet.org – Whose name is Lucifer).

God communicates with His people on earth via their own individual language.  God uses human language, regardless of the language or languages of Heaven.  After all, He was the one who gave men multiple languages when He scattered the one-language people from the Tower of Babel.  The use of Lucifer in Bible translations of Isaiah 14:12 in  respect to the “cherub that covers” is perfectly legitmate, and reasonable.  That ‘being’, was no doubt a beautiful creative work of God.  And as Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15 angels differ from glory or brightness, one from the other, just as stars do.

** Ezekiel 28.  The King of Tyrus was not a human being.  All earthly Kings and Queens (and other rulers) have a greater power, a higher authority over them; a spiritual  king and kingdom depending who the king worships – Satan or God.  God describes Himself as Israel’s King.  Even Pontius Pilate recognized that Jesus Christ – Yehoshua of Nazareth was the Jewish King.  1 Samuel 8 gives us an account of Israel demanding from the prophet Samuel, that he anoint a king for them; a human king over them just like all the nations around them have.  They wanted to be like the Jones’s; they did not want to be different any longer from all their neigbouring nations.

Samuel was distressed about this demand and brought it to God.  God told him to do what they asked, for the people said He, had not rejected Samuel but had rejected God Himself from reigning over them.  Although God was their faithful and righteous King, Israel decided they did not want God to reign over them anymore as King.  They wanted a man of flesh and blood.

Even though Israel ended up with their ‘first king’, they got more than they bargained for.  Saul, the man Samuel appointed at God’s instruction, started off well for a few months, but ended up an apostate from God and eventually had an evil spirit reign over him.  Even though Saul was officially king over Israel for fourty years, thirty seven or eight years of that time he was ruled by a spiritual being greater than himself….a spiritual king other than God.  He became a caretaker king.

God also says of this king of Tyrus “every precious stone was your covering…..and gold; the workmanship of your tabrets and of your pipes was prepared in you in the day you were created.”  The word created is used  twice; verse 13 and 15.  It is only said of one man and one woman that God created them- Adam and Eve, Genesis 1, 2, 5, 6 for example.  All other of the human race were ‘born’ having been formed in the womb.  Adam and Eve were direct creative works of God; all the angelic beings or kind, rank and glory were also direct creative works of God having no other process of coming into existence.

So by this history, we may understand that the “King of Tyrus” in Ezekiel 28 is not a son of man, but is a demonic king – in fact the head poncho – the Devil himself, who, at his created beginning was a creature of stunning and magnificent beauty and glory, and wisdom and light, etc.  BUT all those amazing endowments upon him became twisted, perverted and reversed.  Instead of being a blessing, everything he touched and touches is cursed.

The old adage that ‘History repeats itself’, is generally true.  And so is the fact that man seldom learns from History. And man doesn’t learn from his past, because he has taken on this rebellious mindset of Lucifer – Satan who said that he would be like God.  Until this mindset is changed in each person, that person will never learn from his or anyone else’s History.

‘Lucifer’ – men still worship Lucifer today.  Freemasonry’s top gurus have declared that the highest degrees in the ‘craft’ hold to the Luciferian doctrine, as do other brands of societies besides.  They and countless others fear Lucifer.  Many others worship Satan and have their own satanic church and bible.  Many others worship other ‘gods’ with great devotion.  These are all of the same kind.  They are not gods but are demons and devils.  These spirit beings have very real power which must never be underestimated.   They all work by deception, and undisclosed secret agendas.  They cannot operate in the truth for there is no truth in them.

However, Jesus Christ the Lord and King of Glory, overcame the world the flesh and the devil and every lying spirit, wherever they might be found, through His once for all death which was for all time and all peoples, through His burial and His resurrection.  Lord Jesus Christ has all power and all authority for it was given to Him from the Father in Heaven who is God over all.  Almighty God has given us a list of names in the Holy Bible by which the Devil is known by.  He and his evil spirit followers are terrified of Jesus Christ.  They must obey Him immediately  He speaks.

JESUS CHRIST and Lucifer have nothing in common.

If you are bound by this Deceiver of mankind, Satan, call upon Lord Jesus Christ, and ask Him to set you free from every power of Satan.  Satan keeps you bound to him by your own fears and sins, of the past and present.  Confess your sins to God; flee from them with all your heart, soul , mind and strength.  Run to Jesus Christ and cast yourself on His mercy.  He will abundantly pardon and make you fit for Heaven and will employ you in His Kingdom while you remain here on earth.

“Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  For the promise is unto you, and to your children…even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” Acts 2:38, 39.

…end of part one