A Psalm of David. The earth is Jehovah’s, and the fullness of it; the world, and those who live in it.
For He has founded it on the seas and established it upon the rivers.  Psalm 24:1, 2

“For so says Jehovah, Creator of the heavens; He is God, forming the earth and making it; He makes it stand, not creating it empty, but forming it to be lived in. I am Jehovah, and there is none else.” Isaiah 45:18

“And command them to go to their masters, saying, So says Jehovah of Hosts, the God of Israel: So you shall say to your masters, I have made the earth, the man, and the animals on the face of the earth by My great power and by My outstretched arm; and I have given it to whom it seemed right in My eyes.”   Jeremiah 27:4, 5

 By faith

we understand

the ages to have been framed

by the Word of God,

so that the things seen

should not come into being out of things that appear.

  Hebrews 11:5

The Earth is not the by-product of some accident or some happenstance. 

The Earth did not gradually form itself over tens of millions of years.

It is not the result

of some inexplicable –

unexplainable –


evolutionary process.

The Theory of Evolution that is touted

to explain the origins of life is a belief system

invented in the heart of man who has always struggled

to accept that he is accountable to God,

and which God,

even the heavens above declare His glory and infinite power and wisdom. 

Mankind is without excuse.

The earth that humanity inhabits was made by God alone.

Every single atom with its protons and other sub particles

operates by invisible laws that are dependable,

which man did not and could not bring into being.

The following article shows how desperate man is to finding out “how we are all here”

“Studies of the Higgs particle — discovered at CERN in 2012 and responsible for giving mass to all particles — have suggested that the production of Higgs particles during the accelerating expansion of the very early universe (inflation) should have led to instability and collapse.

Scientists have been trying to find out why this didn’t happen, leading to theories that there must be some new physics that will help explain the origins of the universe that has not yet been discovered. Physicists from Imperial College London, and the Universities of Copenhagen and Helsinki, however, believe there is a simpler explanation.

In a new study in Physical Review Letters, the team describe how the spacetime curvature — in effect, gravity — provided the stability needed for the universe to survive expansion in that early period. The team investigated the interaction between the Higgs particles and gravity, taking into account how it would vary with energy.”

They show that even a small interaction would have been enough to stabilise the universe against decay.

“The Standard Model of particle physics, which scientists use to explain elementary particles and their interactions, has so far not provided an answer to why the universe did not collapse following the Big Bang,” explains Professor Arttu Rajantie, from the Department of Physics at Imperial College London.

“Our research investigates the last unknown parameter in the Standard Model — the interaction between the Higgs particle and gravity. This parameter cannot be measured in particle accelerator experiments, but it has a big effect on the Higgs instability during inflation. Even a relatively small value is enough to explain the survival of the universe without any new physics!”

The team plan to continue their research using cosmological observations to look at this interaction in more detail and explain what effect it would have had on the development of the early universe. In particular, they will use data from current and future European Space Agency missions measuring cosmic microwave background radiation and gravitational waves.

“Our aim is to measure the interaction between gravity and the Higgs field using cosmological data,” says Professor Rajantie. “If we are able to do that, we will have supplied the last unknown number in the Standard Model of particle physics and be closer to answering fundamental questions about how we are all here.

The research is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council, along with the Villum Foundation, in Denmark, and the Academy of Finland.”

source – https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/11/141118072741.htm

Man admits – “there must be some new physics that will help explain the origins of the universe that has not yet been discovered.”

Man admits he does not know all things.  He never will.

They are hoping to find –the last unknown number in the Standard Model of particle physics and be closer to answering fundamental questions about how we are all here.”

They acknowledge that there are fundamental questions that will answer behind the how of our existence.  And by saying this they are admitting that as yet they do not know how or why we are here.  This is a rebuke of the fallacy of the Theory of Evolution.  The Theory of Evolution is an ever evolving theory. 

Mankind is trying to figure out why square pieces won’t fit into round holes.

Many of us who have had children or grandchildren see the little ones trying to figure out which shape fits into the right hole. 

These little children eventually work it out. 

They are wiser than many scientists who are still trying to force a triangle shape into a square hole, without any gaps remaining.

There is an easy way and there is a hard way.

If we refuse the testimony of God and will instead only enbrace the testimony of men, who cannot fathom out basic questions like how we got here or why we are here, then we will find out truth the hard way.  But it may be too late then to become wise.

It is prudent to humble ourselves and not assume or presume that we alone can find out the truth.  We all need help, for we are all ignorant and in many ways are like little children.

Some children refuse to let go of things of little value in order to embrace things of greater value.

But most little children are able to accept in their innocency that it was God who made the earth and all the things in it.

God can be known by faith.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.

Faith is the thing that pushes the scientists reported about above in their quest.   They hope they will discover some substance that will be evidence of things not yet seen by them.

Just a few more years, just a few more million dollars, just a few more sleepless nights, just a bit more effort, just a few more thousand cups of coffee, just a few more grey hairs, or a few less hairs on their head as they push on to some hope, some thing they haven’t seen yet, which may bring them answers to teh questions in their own souls.

The easy way?

The easy way is to humble oneself and call out to God who has already revealed His wisdom and His power in the heavens above and in all the intricacies of living matter; in the formation of hills and valleys; of mountains and oceans; in the cloud, and snow and hail; in the songs of the birds and the beat of wings of a myriad flying creatures some large and some amazingly small.

To think that those tiny little thrips and other flying minute insects have eyes and stomachs and legs and muscles and heartbeat, and breath through their skin…is mind boggling to say the least. 

All these things point to God who gave them life.

Even our own breath by which we take in air and exhale many thousands of times each day is profound.  God gave us breath.  God keeps our heart beating.  God gave us rational thought and  the ability to reason.  Even our own conscience has told us this is so.  God gave us each an independent will to either accept His Son or reject Him.

But man is a very proud creature, and as long as he hangs onto his pride, he will remain in darkness and will not uncover the truth. 

Wisdom and Truth comes to the humble of heart.

It is in that place that we will find the truth of the matter.  Not all at once but little by little.

Man wants to work it out all by himself. 

Just as long as he has some money to help him in his search; just as long as he can have his beer or coffee, or wine, and some fine food, just as long as somebody will employ him, just as long as things are going okay for him (though he may have some setbacks), he will press on in his pride and indifference to God.

The day is near coming when every one will for the sake of some food in their belly and some aceptance in the world, will have to bow down to a man who will come in his own name and claim to be ‘God’ and will demand worship from every one.  They will have to bow down to an image of himself made by his prophet, and that image will have spirit (demon) power in it to cause to die every person who does not bow down to the image of the self- appointed ‘man-god’.

At first he will be a smooth speaker who will flatter people, speaking soft yet firm words.  He will present to the leaders of the nations ‘answers’ to many of the world’s problems – including his ideas of how we got here.  They will buy into his deception and they will give their power to him.

He will at some opportune time to himself show his ‘true’ colours.  He will show no mercy.  He will not have any natural affection.  He will be possessed by the devil himself.

For those who do not accept Jesus Christ as the God of their lives, as their Creator Lord and Saviour, they will have to accept this coming, self made ‘god-man’ and all his rule, all done in his own name. The Bible calls him “the Beast” or ‘the AntiChrist”.

Those who accept him, bow down to his image, take his number or name or mark onto their person, will never enter into the Kingdom of God but will receive the reward that this man-god will get for all his labours.

The rule of the AntiChrist will only be for seven short yet hard years, and then God will throw him into a Lake of Fire which will never be put out.  A fire which was originally only designed and made e for the Devil and his angels.

There is an easy road which is narrow, yet leads to Life.

And there is a hard road which is very broad, yet leads to Death.

Humble yourself today while you are still breathing and call upon the name of the Lord God who made heaven and earth, even upon Jesus Christ who is Lord over all.  He alone can save you.

Acts 2:38