…the purpose

of this site is to both proclaim and point to the

Word of God.

…Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God.

He made and maintains all things by the Word of His power.

I pray that you may be blessed with the written Word of God,

the Holy Bible,

exactly in the way

God our Father and Creator wants to bless you.


Read it daily, prayerfully, and search out its treasures.


God’s Word is alive and full of power, far beyond the power of men, or his machines

God said that His Words are both spirit and life.

He said it through Moses and He said it through Jesus.


The words of God are of a spiritual quality

that far exceeds the limitations of the physical and natural realm.

They are loaded with spiritual Light and Life and Love.  

They are able to make you wise unto Salvation.

That spiritual life which impregnates God’s word comes from God Himself.

He is the Source of all things.

Seek Him today while you can.

He waits patiently for you.